Vehicle Insurance Letters

Effective January 1, 2020

The Drive Insured law, Idaho Code 49-1234, was passed during the 2019 Idaho legislative session, and went into effect in January 2020.

All vehicle owners, without vehicle insurance coverage for two consecutive months will receive a warning and be given 30 days to provide proof of insurance, or obtain an exemption, before their vehicle registration is suspended by the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles.

If you have received a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles concerning the insurance on your vehicle, please contact the Idaho Department of Transportation

Reinstate Suspended Registration

Owners will need to provide proof of insurance and pay a fee of $75. 

Please note, insurance questions and concerns will need to be addressed directly to the Idaho Transportation Department, not the county Department of Motor Vehicles. ITD will be solely responsible for revoking the registration if proof of insurance is not provided, and will be the only ones who can reinstate the registration once it is revoked.