County Line Construction / Demolition Site


3461 E County Line Rd
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

(208) 663-4406

Hours of Operation

Friday & Saturday: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Off Hour Charges

$150.00 1st Hour And $50.00 Per Hour thereafter. 48-hour notice required.

Payment Method

Cash or Check only.  No credit or debit cards accepted. Please try to have exact change. Make checks payable to Jefferson County Solid Waste.


(Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice)

Any Appliance That Has Been Designed To Use Freon

  • $15.00 / each


  • Car/Pickup Tires Without Rim - $2.00 / each
  • Car/Pickup Tires With Rim - $4.00 / each
  • Truck Tire Without Rim - $7.50 / each
  • Truck Tire With Rim - $15.00 / each
  • Farm Tires With Or Without Rim - $30.00 / each
  • Construction Tires With Or Without Rims - $50.00 / each

Out of County Charges

  • Pickups Or Trailers - $5.00
  • Pickups And Trailers - $10.00
  • 6 Wheel Trucks - $10.00
  • 10 Wheel Trucks - $15.00
  • 18 Wheel Trucks - $20.00
  • Tires - Same as listed above

Proof of Residency

Any person bringing items to the landfill in a vehicle registered in another county will be asked to produce proof of residence in Jefferson County. Acceptable proof will be a driver's license purchased in Jefferson County, a utility bill with a Jefferson County address, or a tax notice for property in Jefferson County. All names on documents must match the name of the person bringing the items to the landfill.


Any Person Found Dumping Any Illegal Items Will Be Asked To Remove Them Immediately
Any Person Refusing To Remove Any Illegally Dumped Items Will Be Subject To A $500.00 Fine.